“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

St. Francis of Assissi (1181-1226)


We're family-owned, family-run custom furniture builders located just south of Portland, Oregon. There is no project too big or too small that we can't take on. We've worked with some of the largest corporate companies in the US coast to coast, and countless individuals and families all across the nation. Nothing brings us more joy than to see our clients get excited when their custom furniture arrives. Our styles range from Rustic & Industrial, to Modern, Trendy, and Upscale Fine-Dining. Your craziest ideas, are our best works of art! Don't hesitate to drop us an email with your needs. One of our representatives will respond within one business day.


Our woodshop is located in the beautiful hills of Oregon City, Oregon, within a half hour of Portland, Oregon. We chose this country-setting to call our home because it resembles who we are. Born and raised in this exquisite countryside of Clackamas County, our roots dig deep. Our locally-milled wood comes from logs harvested from trees within Oregon, Southwest Washington, and Western Idaho. Oregon forest landowners plant about 40 million seedlings every year - and far more trees are planted each year than are harvested. Whether it's California Redwood, Oregon Doug Fir, American Black Walnut, Oak, Cedar, Cherry, Birch, Maple, or Hickory, we have access to make the most incredible pieces.



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Guard Dog / Pro Squirrel Scarer


We began Hayes & Sons Furniture with the goal of producing high-quality, real-wood furniture. It's so easy to purchase a pre-made "everyone has this" piece of furniture from your local retailer, or from an overseas production facility. We wanted to bring back the way furniture was originally made and intended - handcrafted, quality, durable, and cost-effective.


  1. Handcrafted - each piece that leaves our woodshop has been personally made just for you. There are no mass-producing machines that whip out hundreds of the same product in order to quickly complete them and get them sold. Every board, screw, nail, sanding, gluing, staining, and varnishing happens with our own hands. This means you can rest assured every detail is carefully looked over before it leaves our facility.
  2. Quality - this is something a majority of furniture these days lack. You won't find any veneer-covered pressboard/particle board anywhere in our shop. We only use the best, hand-picked wood that your project calls for. This means that from the very beginning of your piece, no detail is overlooked.
  3. Durable - besides building furniture, we also do a lot of repairs to "manufactured" furniture. This gives us the opportunity to see what everyone else has done wrong, so that we can improve more and more. Our furniture lasts because of the care, experience, and pure love we pour into it.
  4. Cost-effective - A majority of our clients come to us with a budget in mind. We're happy to say we haven't turned down anyone to-date because of their limited budget. However, with quality and durability comes costs. We've been told numerous times, "How can you charge THAT low!?" We don't believe in price-gouging, or even making a high-dollar sale. We're a family-run business with family values. We believe providing a service that is rarely seen these days at a price our clients can afford will ultimately make any sale. Come to us with a budget in mind and be prepared for us to meet it, or beat it!


With over 15 years experience in furniture design, development, and production - we're sure we'll be your last stop! We're teaching our four children who are actively involved with every step of production what it takes to run a successful furniture business. Some day they'll take over the family business, and teaching them young gives them the real-life ability to do that very thing. Jeshua works closely with Kevin to trim, cut, slice and sand every piece of furniture built. It's Kevin's experience in building and Jeshua's help that brings designs on paper to life! Timna, Luca, and Liesl help Sarah in the finishing department. Their eyes for detail are what make the final products so majestic and breath-taking. With four pairs of eyes, nothing gets past them unless their pleased with the end results. Beau is our faithful and trustworthy guard dog. While carefully keeping a close eye on her bones and treats, she makes sure we stay safe and barks at any unwelcomed squirrels. Thanks to her no squirrels have stolen any furniture.